Our Story

HeadShop.uk was first conceptualised in 2012 by myself, K. Alexander, with a view to entering the cannabis market at a time when it seemed like the United Kingdom was ready for legalisation. The idea was simple – to take this Head Shop back to the roots of the term, a shop that is good for your head with a focus on wellness and balance. The wellness benefits of cannabis are clear, documented and scientifically backed. Unfortunately the legislation didn’t really advance and the project was side-lined.

In 2019 my son suffered multiple strokes and my partner and I were utterly shocked at how little modern medicine had to offer. As we rushed him to hospital we believed time was crucial, that there would be emergency intervention. There was none… Not even on his second admission with a clear medical history. He was literally given aspirin whilst doctors advised us to “forget the boy you knew” and “prepare for what will be a long and difficult recovery”. We felt abandoned and left without hope.

A few days into our son’s first hospital admission he was not improving. He couldn’t speak and he had little mobility on one side of his body. Aspirin wasn’t going to treat his condition. The food provided didn’t contain the nutrition to heal anything. I was frantically reading every medical text and journal on strokes trying to understand all I could to find a way to help. Once I understood exactly what was going on I meditated and asked for guidance from Mother Earth and I was shown what to give him. Among those things was CBD.

I returned to hospital with what I was shown (or as close as I could get from health food shops) and returned to hospital. Upon expressing my intentions to doctors I was immediately demonised. I was told I could cause “contraindications with his treatment” and called an “unfit parent”. I asked to what treatment they were referring and was told “you may be preventing our next course of treatment” but when I asked what that was they had no plan. I ignored them and with the agreement of my partner we started giving our son the natural foods and supplements I had brought.

What happened next changed our lives. Four hours later our boy was back, running the corridors of the hospital ward and talking again. The doctors, nurses and parents of other children on the ward looked on totally lost for words. The doctor that had called me an unfit parent looked at me with tears in her eyes and said “…whatever you’re doing, keep doing it”. His recovery was described by doctors and physiotherapists etc. as a miracle and it absolutely was a miracle of nature.

I’m not stating that CBD cured our son – it was given in combination with many things. I do believe it contributed to his recovery. Our bodies, especially when young, have a remarkable ability to heal if we provide them with the correct building blocks to do so. Life, living, wellness and healing are all about balance. Our ancestors were very in tune with nature as foragers and hunter gatherers and thus had an extremely varied diet. That variety provided all those building blocks to stay well and heal. Many of us now consume a very narrow set of foods, many of which are artificial, laden with chemicals and other unhealthy ingredients. Instead of being building blocks for wellness they are breaking down our health and when we get ill we typically address illness with more chemicals. This is the opposite of balance.

Our boy was given a second chance and that began our journey with CBD and the decision to proceed with HeadShop.uk primarily as CBD business with a view to expanding into other natural food supplements that are beneficial to the brain. Naturally, it’s something we are passionate about and always want to bring the best quality to our customers. Our family takes the same CBD products sold on this site, if we didn’t think it was fit for us we wouldn’t sell it to you. It’s positively changed lives in our family and circle of friends. My grandmother suffered for years trying dozens of medications before being introduced to CBD and now lives a much better quality of life. One of my brothers who suffered crippling social anxiety is now flourishing in that respect. My partner and I find it to be great for aches, pains and inflammatory issues and for having a general feeling of wellness. We have an entire endocannabinoid system within us and we believe that it plays a fundamental role in our wellness.

CBD is now legal throughout the United Kingdom, albeit surrounded by nonsensical rules and classed as a ‘novel food’, despite every single human being having receptors throughout their entire body to utilise CBD and other cannabinoids. Whether you believe in a God or evolution it is logical and rational to realise that we were either intelligently created with these receptors or we evolved to have them, and if you have an understanding of evolution you’ll know we only retain adaptations that increase our ‘fitness’ – the likelihood that we will survive and thrive (reproduce). If you believe that it was by intelligent design that we have these receptors then our current government is arguing with the will of your creator. If not then our current government is arguing against millions of years of evolution.
Feel free to write to your local representatives explaining this! If they hear it enough they might see logic.

What We Stand For & What We Don’t!

We are a wellness-centric company striving to bring you quality and ethical wellness related products. By this we mean we will never be like many of our competitors that will literally sell you anything for a profit if they can get away with it – including items that can be harmful to your health. Even when HeadShop.uk was just a concept we have always stood firmly against substances referred to as “legal highs” and all synthetic chemical based products because they have the potential to cause harm, and that is not what we are about. If it was we would have entered the market a lot sooner.

We won’t sell items that have to be mislabelled as ‘not for human consumption’ or as a ‘room odouriser’ to circumvent safety regulations or laws. We also won’t stock ‘snorters’ or ‘energy powders’ for the same above reason – they have the potential to cause harm, if not directly then via what they are used for.

We care about the environment too which is why we use as much recycled and recyclable packaging as possible. We also don’t stock disposable products that contain batteries. They are horrible for the environment and almost all of them end up in landfill or worse.

Whilst this website is for persons over the age of 18, we still care about children. This is why we will not stock smoking accessories such as herb grinders that resemble kids toys or cartoon characters. Many of our competitors do, but we just don’t think it’s okay! We also ensure that our edibles are packaged and labelled in a way that wouldn’t be enticing to children.

When we source a product for our brand it must be of the absolute highest standard, and if we come across better then we’ll change source and update the product. We only stock other brands if they meet our expectations too and if the quality changes then we’ll stop stocking their items. We would rather stock a small quantity of high quality items than thousands of unethical or poor quality items, that way no matter what you choose you’ll get something worth buying!

You might be thinking that we take ourselves too seriously at this point, but we’re trying to correct the overall image of what a Head Shop should be, and a lot of damage has been done by those that will put profit before people. We seriously care about what we do.

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