HeadShop.uk Fully Ceramic Coated Herb Grinder

Aircraft grade aluminium with ceramic coating available in ceramic white in 40mm and 50mm sizes.

  • Optimised compartment depth and shape.
  • PTFE and Teflon free ceramic coating.
  • Helps you avoid exposure to aluminium.
  • Clean more easily and less often.
  • Fully ceramic coated inside and outside.



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HeadShop.uk Fully Ceramic Coated Herb Grinder

It’s hard to bring something new to something like a herb grinder, so we opted for simply doing it well. We looked at what makes a grinder a good one, and if we find it can be improved it will evolve. These are the things we considered…

  • Compartment size – We shaved a little depth off the base and added it to the mid-section so that you can grind more herbs at once. After all, it’s what lands in the middle that is typically used quickly where as the base section can become stale if forgotten.
  • Compartment shape – We curved the edges in the base so you can remove the contents easily with a finger, it just seemed like the right thing to do. This is the one time we cut corners… Out.
  • Coating – A low friction ceramic coating ensures smooth action and is able to repel oils and resins compared to aluminium. This slows the build-up of residues and debris in the cutting area and makes general cleaning easier. The supplied tool is designed to be soft so you can clean the ceramic without risk of damaging it.
  • Health – The ceramic coating is PTFE and Teflon free and it minimises contact with aluminium so that it doesn’t end up in your herbs. Aluminium is the perfect metal to make a herb grinder but it has been linked to neurological conditions, so coating it seemed sensible.
  • Teeth – To compensate for the ceramic coating we made the teeth extra sharp and using high quality aircraft grade aluminium. This should ensure a fine and smooth cutting experience.

Available in ceramic white in 40mm and 50mm sizes.


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